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Here is the left side of the cabinet.  See the artwork missing in large cuts around the legs.  This sticker on this game wrinkles badly around the legs. mb8.JPG (134553 bytes)
The inside of the cabinet is dirty as are most but the original paper is still inside in decent shape. mb9.jpg (91043 bytes)
Here is the front of the cabinet with the old coin door removed.  Again the artwork has been cut away around the legs and painted black. mb10.jpg (87215 bytes)
First thing to do is get a start on the cabinet because it'll be a ton of work to get the artwork done.  The head here is pulled off so we can work on it.  mb11.JPG (111967 bytes)
Here the main cabinet is shown minus the head and the playfield.  Buttons and bolts have been removed so that the artwork can be removed. mb12.jpg (105439 bytes)
After stripping the top of the playfield minus the rails and posts we can set it on the rails and flip it over.  Here is sits so we can start the bottom swap.  My cyclone sits beside it to watch :-) mb52.JPG (107492 bytes)
The left side of the head is now ready to get the old artwork stripped off.  Believe it or not fingernail and pull seemed to work the best.   The sticker is on there pretty good . . . mb13.JPG (81439 bytes)
The peeling process starts.  The wood underneath will need alot of work to get smooth.  Bondo will have to suffice to fill in any problem areas. mb14.JPG (89843 bytes)
The whole peeling process only takes about 2 hours for all 5 sides.  This is the easy part !! mb15.JPG (78045 bytes)
There is quite a bit of adhesive left on the cabinet and it needs some work to get ready to receive the new sticker. mb16.JPG (124397 bytes)

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