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Here we have started on the main cabinet.  The removal of the rails gave us a good start on the peeling as the rails pulled the sticker.  As a side note rail replacement without ruining the artwork may be possible but not for the faint of heart or those in a big hurry . . . mb17.JPG (92429 bytes)
Here is the front just about stripped.  We did not have to remove the legs to strip the art as there was no art within an inch of the legs anyway. mb18.JPG (62378 bytes)
Here is a look at the nude right side. mb19.JPG (88031 bytes)
Here is a look at the nude left side . . . mb20.JPG (74182 bytes)
Here I am starting the prep work.  Sanding down the wood smooth and removing all the old adhesive.  As the neighborhood watches on a chilly March day the prep gets done. mb32.JPG (87844 bytes)
The black paint around the legs also needs to come off.   I was concerned it might darken the sticker if the sticker was not completely opaque. mb33.JPG (98314 bytes)
Bryan my cohort in most things pinball begins the task of removing every screw from the bottom of the old playfield.  A screw gun with a 1/4 inch socket and a flexible extension shaft is very handy.  mb35.JPG (148241 bytes)
From the inside of the cabinet we can see some scratching from routine lifting of the playfield.  This will need to be painted.  Black semi-gloss seems to be the best match.  Also the area on top along the rail shows wood instead of black. mb40.JPG (120338 bytes)
Since the board had several bad transistors Bryan did his soldering magic and got it back to 100%  Also Bryan resoldered all the pin connectors from the back so any future cold solder joints might be headed off.  Blown fuses were also replaced. mb44.JPG (156799 bytes)

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