Monster Bash Project


Page 1 the start.


The first step in a project is to find a game to start with.  In this case I was shooting for a complete working game in rough cosmetic shape.  However thats not what I ended up with . . .


mb2.JPG (230478 bytes) This picture shows the playfield specifically the scoop area.   Since I'm putting in a new playfield I'm not too concerned about the excessive wear.  However the entire scoop is gone.  As is the plastic assembly above it.   Obviously the bumper top is the wrong color too.
Thankfully all the toys are there and in good shape.   Some plastics are cracked and broken but I have a new set of plastics for this project. mb3.JPG (230748 bytes)
mb4.JPG (181862 bytes) The left cabinet head is obviously in need of some repair.   Both the sticker and the edges are a little rough.
Its hard to see the cabinet side from this pic but the artwork is completely gone around where the legs are. mb5.JPG (205009 bytes)
mb6.JPG (111327 bytes) The game was unplayable as purchased.  Without the scoop to stop shots the ball would punch through to the back of the pop bumper.
The left head side has the same sort of damage.  Edges are in rough shape and sticker has a big gouge in it.  Luckily this project has new stickers too. mb7.JPG (162464 bytes)
mb1.JPG (220773 bytes) The bottom looks pretty good from the initial look.   Since this project is a complete playfield swap we get to have more fun then normal with all this stuff on the bottom . . .

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