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The top and bottom of the front both needed glue and TLC to make right again. adams21.jpg (32112 bytes)
If you are considering this type of work pipe clamps come highly recommended ! adams22.jpg (30120 bytes)
Here you can see it starting to look alot better.  After several iterations with bondo and more sanding it looks pretty smooth. adams23.jpg (29552 bytes)
You can get a look for how much bondo on the front here.  Also sanding the inside of the cabinet gets alot of grime off it.   Yes this is getting the subwoofer kit also ;-) adams24.jpg (38615 bytes)
Still working on the blasted corners.  This cabinet was even more work then I thought . . . adams25.jpg (32592 bytes)
Both top sides done and the bottom stripped of bolts. adams26.jpg (22308 bytes)
Final sanding and touchups are almost done getting ready for painting. adams27.jpg (29263 bytes)
Even the back gets worked on and all those corners. adams28.jpg (40896 bytes)
The painting starts finally.  Since I had to bondo the corners and some of the laminate splitting I decided to paint the bottom edge also. adams29.jpg (36704 bytes)
All of a sudden with that black paint covering everything it starts to look decent again . . . adams30.jpg (30281 bytes)