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This thing looks pretty ugly in the light . . . adams11.jpg (47855 bytes)
Well I grabbed the toughest 60 grit sandpaper I could find and started in.  This original artwork is very tough to get off.  After 40 minutes it looks like I still have a ways to go. adams12.jpg (31371 bytes)
Well here is what the corners look like.  In pretty rough shape.  The plywood is splitting lengthwise and the seam where the two ends meet is seperated.  A whole lot of fixing required. adams13.jpg (39204 bytes)
This artwork is really tough to get off ! adams14.jpg (30530 bytes)
I sanded the bottom and chisled off all the chewing gum.   I start the glueing and cabinet repair here with some trusty pipe clamps and some scrap lumber. adams15.jpg (26909 bytes)
I've started some bondo work at the same time to keep things rolling forward.  I only had about 4 days to work on it so I couldn't dawdle . . . adams16.jpg (28707 bytes)
The whole front of the cabinet needed to be put back together . . . adams17.jpg (25021 bytes)
One big side to go and I'm putting that off as long as possible.  Did I tell you how hard that art came off yet . . . adams18.jpg (35864 bytes)
While that glue was drying I started on the top.  All the carriage bolts on the whole cabinet were badly rusted so they all got painted. adams19.jpg (25622 bytes)
The top sides were in pretty good shape compared to the cabinet.  The corners all needed a little touch up but for the most part not bad at all . . . adams20.jpg (34411 bytes)