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While I had the paint brush out I painted the inside also.  

Dressing up the front edges too.

adams31.jpg (24555 bytes)
The paint soaks into the cabinet pretty good.  I want that to happen to seal the wood so the cabinet sticker goes on a smooth surface instead of directly on the wood. adams32.jpg (36398 bytes)
I wanted to start with the smaller top to see how the sticker was.  The stickers are cut with a peel line halfway through the sticker and that line shows up badly during application.  I was very concerned about it but after drying enough shrinkage took place the line disappeared.  The sticker is very thin but the artwork looks nice. adams33.jpg (27120 bytes)
I put new bumpers on the back (I prefer white) and put the sticker on the cabinet side.  Its always fun putting the big ones on.  Make sure you use a metal straightedge to cut off the excess sticker.  There is about 1/2" all the way around the edge.  I also painted the swing hinges black. adams34.jpg (47034 bytes)
It gets kinda exciting to see the new artwork on there.   Let them dry overnight before flipping over to do the other side. adams35.jpg (20695 bytes)
The front sticker always seems to be the hardest for me.   This one came off without a hitch.  I even got the start button hole mostly centered ;-) adams36.jpg (36989 bytes)
Here is the front with everything back on.  Be very careful as this sticker is thin any pressure on it at all and it will wrinkle.  The monster bash and cactus canyon stickers are way thicker and easier, in my opinion, to handle. adams37.jpg (34759 bytes)
The last sides are done and I'm ready to reassemble the machine. adams38.jpg (55462 bytes)

See the finished product !