Medieval Madness

Here are the protectors we came up with to help protect the game.

Installation instructions click here

Picture # 1 is the castle protector.  Shown is the proto etched on the flat surface and the final product not yet etched.  The center hole exists already on your game between the castle gates.  The hole in the flat area can be used to secure the left side but is optional.  You can secure the flat area with a countersunk screw into the wood or use doublesided tape underneath.   There is 1/16th of an inch left for application of a foam type double sided tape if you choose that option.   The extension arm is rolled into an L shape for stiffness.  Protector is made of stainless steel and etched with a laser.  This should keep the hinges from being beat up so badly. 

Picture # 2 is the eject hole on the left.  This should keep any damage from occuring as the ball is ejected onto the playfield.  Protector is made of stainless steel

mmprot1.JPG (33670 bytes) mmprot2.JPG (27947 bytes)
mmprot3.JPG (42552 bytes) mmprot4.JPG (43190 bytes)

Picture # 3 is the hole protector behind the hidden castle entrance.   This area gets pounded by balls coming through that flap.  Protector is made of stainless steel.

Picture # 4 is the proto merlin protector.  The finished product is bent over more and looks better.  This protector is made of aluminum and is fairly soft.  This is to help keep down the inelastic collisions.  Makes the ball less bouncy when hitting in that area.  The protector is soft enough to conform to slightly worn holes.   Insert the protector from underneath squeezing it slightly.  Its a very tight fit.