Medieval Madness Protector Kit

Installation of the kit and where the pieces go :


mmig1.JPG (96021 bytes) Here is the castle protector installed.  The center screw is an existing screw and holds the protector in place.  The other screw hole on the left does not need to be put in.  You should put either 2 sided tape under the flat portion on the left or put the countersunk screw in on the left to keep the protector from moving after successive ball hits.
mmig2.JPG (105969 bytes) This picture shows the rock pattern laser etched on to the castle protector.  Looks very sharp !
mmig3.JPG (68830 bytes) This Picture shows the small eject hole protector on the left of the game.  One screw secures this.  Screw provided. You must take off the moat and several mechs to install this.
mmig4.JPG (99586 bytes) This is the merlin protector.  This was a very tough piece to make/engineer.  Shown here it is installed.  You must remove the mech to get to it.  I wanted to make the protector such that there was some adjustment.   This piece is made of soft aluminum and is fairly easy to bend and mold should you have excessive wear.  You must bend this in order to install it.  It can be installed in 5 minutes pretty easily. 
mmig9.JPG (175749 bytes) You can see from the front that the merlin protector does not make a barrier to ball motion.   Make sure that the surface of the playfield and the top of the protector are the same or that the protector is slightly below the top of playfield.
mmig8.JPG (85897 bytes) From the top view you can see it fits pretty darn snug.
mmig7.JPG (114143 bytes) You can see the damage being done here as the ball goes through the secret gate it smashes the wood behind.
mmig5.JPG (76563 bytes) With the protector installed this future damage will be eliminated.  3 screws hold this in place.  These are provided.