Well I decided to do the IPB cabinet sticker install on an Adams Family over vacation.  Give me a little something to keep busy with ;-)   First I disassemble the unit thoroughly taking everything off and out.  Here I'm starting to pry the old rails off.  After that I should be ready to begin prepping the cabinet. adams1.jpg (50999 bytes)
The artwork on this adams is in decent shape but the cabinet is sprung in about 9 places and in pretty rough shape.  Since this game will have an NOS clearcoated playfield, new plastics, and basically "the works" the cabinet should be as close to perfect as possible. adams2.jpg (51271 bytes)
You can see leg wear down to the wood and I'll show some of the better damage up close in the next couple of pics. adams3.jpg (48648 bytes)
Everywhere there is a corner has problems adams4.jpg (56019 bytes)
Here you can see the delaminating of the plywood in a fairly good sized piece.  One way to fix would be to glue the original piece . . . I opted to tear the piece off and bondo the gap back to perfect. adams5.jpg (34316 bytes)
You can see the indentations from the legs are fairly pronounced.  Also this game has holes drilled for a lock bar.  Since this game will be sold to a customer that hole will get filled. adams6.jpg (47879 bytes)
Along one side someone put in a series of drywall screws to hold the cabinet together.  These will be removed and the cabinet fixed. adams7.jpg (32720 bytes)
Here it is with the rails gone.  The rails were removed agressively hence the art damage . . . Since I'm replacing it all anyway I didn't bother to be careful :-) adams8.jpg (46751 bytes)
Alot of the two sided tape always seems to stay on the cabinet which is additional fun to be sure. adams9.jpg (48011 bytes)
Now I get down to business.  There are about 15 drywall screw holding this cabinet together from all directions.  With the cabinet sprung so badly in so many ways it will require some serious work to whip it into shape. adams10.jpg (47909 bytes)