Medieval Madness Pinball Machine Parts:

Gate Upgrade kit  (detailed instructions on replacing Gate)

Castle Gate Kit.JPG (81049 bytes)

Merlin Scoop  (stainless steel) 

merlinweldments.jpg (323061 bytes)

Moat Popper Scoop  (stainless steel)  (Shown below next to original)

MMpopper.jpg (158264 bytes)

Protector set $ (set)  Shows the protectors and where they go

mmprotall.jpg (33215 bytes)

Autofire Bracket 01-14618.1

rfmaotufire1.jpg (134176 bytes)

Ball Guide 01-14718.1 (stainless steel New)

01147181.JPG (33183 bytes)

Castle Base Weldment   (Black Zinc Plated New)  04-10879.2

Mini Gate Weldment  (Black Zinc Plated New)  04-10884