White Water protectors are finally done.  Last prototypes are perfect and here they are !


This is the problem on Whitewater the ramp ends get destroyed by the green targets getting pounded.  Here you can see my ramp ends are wasted and completely missing. theproblem.JPG (211742 bytes)
Here is a closeup of the damage ! the problem2.JPG (147326 bytes)
Here is my solution.  Notice the ramps clamp to the playfield and are made of two heavy duty stainless pieces spot welded together.   They are inserted from the top of the playfield after the targets have been removed.   wwprot.JPG (17514 bytes)
Now the ends of those ramps are protected !!  Note the final production models have holes in them so the light can pass through from behind.   Shown here are late model prototypes . . . topprot.JPG (157754 bytes)
From the bottom the protectors are installed with regular hex head screws.  It makes for a fairly tight fit for the targets but it works  ! bottomprot.JPG (67806 bytes)
With both the protectors and the switches in you'll get a lot less movement on the switches. tightfit.JPG (43424 bytes)
You can see from all sides these protectors hide the damage and keep it from happening further.  Mission accomplished !!  installed1.JPG (150855 bytes)
installed2.JPG (172339 bytes) install3.JPG (183235 bytes)