Twilight ZONE Slot Machine Scoop

Looking at the original scoop I set out to design the new one better.   First off the welds always break so I wanted to put in a better system of welds.   Now instead of one weld and tab there are two tabs and three welds. Secondly I wanted to provide some support for the target right next to it.  (The little L shaped piece provides this support. ) Something preferably that would be attached to the weldment and provide support behind the target.  Thirdly I wanted to put in threaded holes on the switch so that you didn't need that little metal piece.  Naturally should the threads fail you could drill out the holes and go back to the way it was.  So here they are side by side.  The original still has the switch attached.


tz2.jpg (44989 bytes)
tz3.jpg (46954 bytes)
TZ1side.jpg (25791 bytes) tz4.jpg (29543 bytes)