TZ clock housings.  The coolest of all the TZ mods is changing the housing color.

First made clear . . . then red, then blue.  Of them all Blue seems to be the best.  So I had them make some blues.  While they were busy making blues I decided to run some more reds.  While I was at it I had them do a new color Yellow.  They look spectacular.  This time we made sure the reds were a darker red and the blues were slightly darker to make them more vibrant color wise.

        Yellow actually glows edgewise somewhat green.  They look remarkable.  So for a limited time (as I have a limited number) reds and yellows are available  (Shipping is not included)  I still have a few blues also and a very limited number of the clear ones.   These are all made by TZCLOCKHOUSINGS.COM.  So you can be assured the quality and detail is in fact better then perfect ;-)


tzhousings1.jpg (412483 bytes)

tzhousings2.jpg (366160 bytes)

What do they look like in a game ?

red1.jpg (201537 bytes)

DSC05065.jpg (200562 bytes)