Well I got fed up with filing my Bally / Williams ball troughs so the balls would feed without getting hung up.  So I decided to re-engineer the ball trough.  What I came up with was a dramatic change.  I wanted to use a rail system that was replaceable so you wouldn't have to buy a whole new assembly every time it didn't feed.  The great thing about the rails is they're identical so you can swap them and use both sides before they need to be replaced.  The rails are cheap   The trough itself should last a lifetime.

troughsall.jpg (522748 bytes)

All the parts above go into the trough assembly.  Just add your electronics, your rubber stopper, and your coil assembly and you're all set.   Everything is adjustable and tests show it works flawlessly.

trough1.jpg (80683 bytes) trough3.jpg (91502 bytes)
trough2.jpg (149378 bytes) trough4.jpg (138349 bytes)

trough5.jpg (78117 bytes)The rail system in many ways is far superior to the original design.  Any screws that comes loose during game play will fall through the rails in to the cabinet instead of blocking ball movement in the trough.  The rails are polished stainless steel.   The rest of the assembly is Zinc plated steel just like the originals.


troughingame.jpg (714998 bytes)

The plate needed to be remade because I made the angle steeper for more reliable feeding.  So the coil assembly needed to be slid down.  Also one of the best features about this trough assembly is the slide up blocker to stop balls from coming out when the playfield is in the fully upright position.

troughballsave.jpg (165877 bytes)Here in the upright position the balls just stack vertically but they can't come out.  See the slide to the right of the coil mounting plate.  Just remember to pull it back down when trying to play :-)   Otherwise getting a ball in play is impossible.


It comes as shown above in the top pictures.  You will need to add your rubber stopper, electronic boards and coil assembly from your existing trough.

This trough fits the following games :

Shadow, Attack From Mars, No Fear, Revenge From Mars, Theatre Of Magic
Johnny Mnemonic, Indiana Jones, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Star Trek the
Next Generation
Monster Bash, Champion Pub, World Cup Soccer, Demo Man, Congo, Corvette,
Cirqus Voltaire
Jackbot, Flintstones, Indy 500, Judge Dredd, Junkyard, NBA Fastbreak, No
Good Gophers,
Roadshow, Who Dunnit, Medieval Madness

On Indiana Jones and Star Trek the next Generation the center post for the electronic boards is in a different location.  This trough has studs for both locations.  Just move the hex standoff.

The above trough replaces Williams parts numbers  :


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