Tron Protector install  (special thanks to Chris Heffner for pictures and help!!)


The steps to install are:


1. Remove balls and raise the playfield to the service position.

tron1.JPG (130759 bytes)

2. Locate the scoop and disconnect the 2 pin wire connector of the switch (green and white wires).

tron2.JPG (126210 bytes)

3. Remove the 2 pan head screws and 1 nylon locking nut holding the scoop in place and remove the scoop  from the machine.

tron3.JPG (124079 bytes)

4. Mount the protector in position being sure to press fit it tighly against the walls of the hole.

tron4.JPG (124489 bytes)

5. Use 2 pan head screws to mount the protector to the playfield.

tron5.JPG (118564 bytes)

6. Remount the scoop.

7. Reconnect switch connector.

8. Lower the playfield, return the balls to the trough and play.

tron6.JPG (542952 bytes)


Should look like this when done !