Here is various trim pieces usually made in plastic now made in metal with ultra high chrome polished surfaces on what you typically see.  These are stunning !   Heavy duty designed to last and very very high end looking.  They will not break like the plastic they replace.  These are really for discerning collectors that want the good stuff ;-)

I also made plain metal trim for the do-it-yourselfers.  These are plain steel trim pieces you can take to a plater or paint yourself.  Shown at the bottom of the page!


Lift channel  25 3/4" long with 1/4" lift area.   Designed for glass 

Glass slide channel 20 3/8" long designed for late model Bally/Williams games


Here are some pictures to show you the goods!  I show the black plastic next to them for comparison.

trim1.jpg (235574 bytes)You can see the refelection of the coke can in the chrome!

trim2.jpg (176482 bytes)These are really stunning !

trim3.jpg (198473 bytes)In a game they look supurb !

trim4.jpg (343534 bytes)With both installed here its spectacular!

trim5.jpg (254253 bytes)Expensive but worth it !!

trim6.jpg (143766 bytes)

Contact us for information on ordering:

lift channelsplain.jpg (77032 bytes)

26" and 27" lift channels plain steel   (specify size when ordering please)

glassslideplain.jpg (71086 bytes)

Glass slide channel plain steel

hchannelplain.jpg (76091 bytes)

H-Channel used between speaker panel and translite plastic on all games.   Now in plain metal

Also have Stainless steel rails Bally Williams late model available  for a set of two.