Star Trek the Next Generation Under ramp protector kit

This shows the two drop holes with protectors installed.   The "Mission Start" and "Lock" holes.  The sides are now protected from balls beating them up. Sttngunderdrops1.jpg (33105 bytes)
As normal, attention to details like opto holes lining up, are taken.  Every part is stainless steel.  Attach metal pieces to ramp using 2 sided foam tape.  I continue to dislike mounting things with screws to the ramp itself as I feel this weakens the ramp. sttngdrop1missionstart.jpg (28442 bytes)
This is the protector of the neutral zone hole.  Again it protects the sides well. Neutraldropundersttng.jpg (29132 bytes)

sttngunderkitinstalled.jpg (59965 bytes)

With the kit completely installed it should make sure the Under ramp lasts the tests of time.