Star Trek the Next Generation Pinball Machine Parts:

01-9211 Playfield safety brackets

underplayfieldbracketsSTTNG.jpg (178064 bytes)

Ramp ball guide (between the two wireforms over middle of playfield) littlerampbracketSTTNG.JPG (96685 bytes)

Mission Start Scoop  (Shown below redesigned on left and original on right)

redesignedstartmissionSTTNG.jpg (126420 bytes)originalstartmissionSTTNG.jpg (114018 bytes)


Alpha Ramp  (set)

STTNGalpharamp.JPG (36803 bytes)

Beta Ramp  (set) Pictures in game

sstngbetakit.jpg (9359 bytes)

Delta Ramp (right side only 1 piece)

sttngdrprot.JPG (42088 bytes)

Under Ramp Pictures on actual underramp

sttngunderkit1.jpg (9092 bytes)

Neutral Zone protector   Pictures in game

STTNGneutralzonehole.JPG (22015 bytes)