This is the scared stiff protector installation page

Special Thanks to Rick Schieve for letting me install these in his machine !


This is the hole we are trying to protect located on the right side of the playfield about 1/2 way up.  The ball can enter this hole from several angles. SSbittopclear.JPG (12534 bytes)
First take off the mech underneath Once this mech has been removed you'll see the below
Once the mech has been removed we can install the protector. SSbigbotclear.JPG (17499 bytes)
This shows the protector installed correctly.  Notice the extra holes here :-)  I put it in wrong to start and when the mech goes on its easy to see your mistake.  So it will only fit correctly one way.  Apologies to Rick Schieve for putting extra holes in the underside of his very nice SS :-). SSbigclearbot.JPG (21128 bytes)
Finished protector with mech back on. SSbigbot.JPG (29808 bytes)
Here is the top view finished.  Protection all the way around !! SSbigholeinstalled.JPG (15109 bytes)
Next hole on the list is the spider hole located directly to the left of the crate.  This hole is very small so we have to be careful to install this correctly.  This is what it looks like before installation. SStopclear.JPG (17348 bytes)
This is the mech from underneath we need to remove.  The three visible screws need to be removed.  Be careful taking the mech off as the top has a scoop that extends into the playfield area.  Please exercise care ! SSbotinstalled.JPG (43412 bytes)
Here is the hole exposed. ssspiderbotclear.JPG (22264 bytes)
As you can see here this is incorrect.  A ball will never fit unless the protector is flush to the left and front wall. spidertopcloseSS.JPG (16524 bytes)
This shows the mounting from underneath.  The protector holes line up with the right holes from the mech.  However the holes are larger to allow some room for adjustment.  You will need to use a washer on the top screw to match the height of the mech now that it is higher off the playfield due to the thickness of the protector. SSspiderbot.JPG (31490 bytes)
This is correct !  See how it fits flush.  In this case though the ball still wouldn't fit.  By bending the scoop up slightly this problem was resolved.  Now it works correctly and has the protection :-)  Because the mech sits lower now it needs to be adjusted up slightly.  It really does work quite well . . . spiderouttop.JPG (32542 bytes)
Last but not least the divertor/lock hole protector. Covering it is this mech SSdivertorunderangle.JPG (28734 bytes)
This is the bottom cleared showing the protector location. ssdivertorbot.JPG (56343 bytes)
This is the final product installed.  It looks very nice :-) ssdivertertop.JPG (43623 bytes)

This set will reduce the wear considerably on these surfaces !!