Scared Stiff Pinball Machine Parts:

Popper 04-10369  (Shown below original next to stainless steel replacement)

SSpopper1.jpg (92218 bytes)

Crate Cover (made of stainless steel instead of original plastic)

SScrate.jpg (157293 bytes)

Spider hole popper (kicks ball into boney beast ramp)   (shown side by side with original)

ssupkicker1.jpg (129072 bytes)

Crate Weldment

scaredstiffcrateweldment.JPG (98718 bytes)Tired of fixing hinge pin holes try this in stainless


Protector kit  (installation instructions and pictures)

SS.JPG (5250 bytes)

Ramp Protector kit A-21842

SSrampprotectorkit.jpg (214985 bytes)