Need you machine shopped? A,B,C

Need a new playfield swapped in?

Need a Game transported or Crated?

Need a pinball machine fixed?

I am located in Wheaton, Illinois a western suburb of Chicago


These are all services I offer.

I can handle 2 machines at a time due to my space limitations.  Labor is billed at $ 50.00 an hour.

A- Level shop generally runs about 10-15 hours.  Pretty much everything is cleaned and put right.  Parts needed for the shop are not included and may run 2-300 $ in additon to the labor

B-Level shop generally runs 5-10 hours.  Clean playfield, cleaned mechs and great game play are the emphasis here.  Parts are extra.

C-Level shop generally runs 3-7 hours. playfield cleaning and game play are the emphasis.  Parts are extra.

Playfield swap - 10-20 hours with everything transferred to new playfield.  Shopping can be done in conjunction with playfield swap.  Parts are extra.

Cabinet artwork put on cabinet - 7-10 hours.  Old artwork sanded off, cabinet bondo'ed and glued new artwork put on.  Cabinet stickers provided by client.

Examples of work done on Special Projects page.

Repairs to machines are billed at $ 50.00 an hour.  Trip charge is generally 3-4 $ per mile from me

Crating is $ 350 - $ 400.00 depending on cabinet size.  Full crate with pallet and cushioning.

Transport of game - Call for quote

Want me to fly to your location and work for a week.  No problem.  Call for a quote.


Have pinball . . . will travel !

References available on request.

About me :  I am an Electrical Engineer with a Masters degree in Education.  I have been a pinball enthusiast since 1998.  I have done alot of work on pinball machines.

I work primarily on 1988 and up Bally / Williams games.


Questions or more information please

Phone : 630-653-8900




















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