Well you can't really start a project like this without just digging in.  I know right off the bat I'm missing alot of stuff but I'll never know until I get started.

allunder.JPG (218417 bytes)

This is really a big 3D jigsaw puzzle.  Some things like the flipper mechs are easy but other stuff you have to find the matching hole pattern in such a way that it makes sense.  I was short about 30 T-nuts and as it turns out needed to deliver some stuff to Terry at Pinball Life this week.  He had the T-nuts and was able to fill those missing parts.  [Insert big plug for Terry and Pinball life here]   Terry was nice enough to donate the T-nuts.

bottomunder.JPG (269935 bytes)

Detail of bottom of playfield

topunder.JPG (240127 bytes)

topbottom.JPG (222060 bytes)

Got the trough assembly and kickout mechs in place

toptop.JPG (227853 bytes)

Taking alot longer than I hoped but not as long as I feared so far.   Helps that this isn't my first time around the block.