Red Line Fever - Prototype

Here are some pictures of what I started with.

projectstart.JPG (606521 bytes)

projectstart.JPG (606521 bytes)

The redline fever cabinet is in the front and the pinball magic reference is behind it.

redlinerightcab.JPG (377573 bytes)Right Side

redlineleftcab.JPG (222667 bytes)Left Side

redlinefrontcab.JPG (64602 bytes)The frontredlineleftcabdetail.JPG (67609 bytes)

This cut in the cabinet I'm not sure why it is there.

redlinerighttopcab.JPG (373163 bytes)

This detail is fairly common on prototypes as they would route the cables out the cabinet to a board set to run the game without a head.

redlinefeverplayfield.JPG (455275 bytes)

Here is the playfield.  Everything has mostly been stripped from it.  Some assembly required.

redlinefeverplayfieldbottom.JPG (429589 bytes)

Here is the bottom of the playfield.  Again some assembly required.

redlinefeverparts.JPG (166811 bytes)

Oh yeah and a few boxes of parts too.  Hopefully enough to make the game work again!!

redlinemaniadetail2.JPG (447981 bytes)

Everything was just cut apart which makes the job a little harder.   Being the only one in the world I don't have much to reference.  The Pinball magic will hopefully give me some clues.  There are a few tricks to help me.   The software in the game tells me which wire colors each device has.  That will require me to get the software running on the pinball magic game.