Protectors  : for Pinball Ramps, eject and entry holes, and other high wear areas :

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Junkyard Protector

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Star Wars Data East Protector kit

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Jurassic Park Protector kit

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FunHouse hole protectors


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Guns and Roses out hole protector


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Monopoly Protectors  monopolyprotector.jpg (9689 bytes)
White Water Ramp protectors 

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Roadshow protector 

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Cactus Canyon Protector

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Monster Bash  / RFM    protector 



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AFM protector   



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Scared Stiff Protectors  3 piece set including mounting screws - 

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Star Trek the Next Generation Protectors  Alpha Ramp protectors (left and right)

Currently in Stock !

2 piece set 


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Star Trek The Next Generation Protector

Delta Ramp (right only)

1 piece


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Star Trek the Next Generation Beta Ramp Protector Kit

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Star Trek the Next Generation Under Ramp Protector kit

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Star Trek the Next Generation Protectors neutral zone protector.  Click here for installed pics

Currently in Stock !



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Creature From The Black Lagoon Protector

Currently in stock !



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Medieval Madness Castle protectors


Front castle guard has a laser etched rock pattern cut into the metal.   Merlin hole protector made of soft aluminum to reduce inelastic collision properties (Makes it play better)

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Tales of the Arabian Knights Protectors


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The Adams Family Chair protector

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Cyclone Comet ramp -

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Stern TRON protector -

Installation Instructions

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X-men protector -

Installation Pictures

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