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I need to set the playfield into the cabinet to continue work on the top.  Now is as good a time as any.  This playfield is an NOS production playfield signed by several designers.  As in all of my complete rebuilds Bill Davis has clear coated the playfield.  Many will notice the targets are different colors.   This is the way the proto type was and I'm trying to keep it true to the proto in many respects. sspic11.JPG (424801 bytes)
Next I attach the head.  The project begins to take shape now.  sspic12.JPG (347686 bytes)
Here I have started to install some various mechs and plastics etc.  The list of NOS parts going into this game is impressive :

Both Ramps NOS, NOS playfield, new crate assembly, new coffin assembly, new plastics, new slingshots, new pop bumber parts, new arch, new boardset, New backbox wood backing, new artwork for backbox, new translite . . . the list goes on for quite a while.


ss21.JPG (156270 bytes)
Obviously the dancing boogiemen will be transferred.  Also the proto whitewood had the original proto board for controlling the lighted skulls in the back.  This board is no longer supported in the software so the board is not used and useless.  I got Robert Winters kit for the multi-color skull lamp eyes.  I also grabbed Micks kit for the colored skull topper.  These will be seen in some detail later. ss22.JPG (176112 bytes)
Here is the new crate assembly.  Notice the red proto crate PCB on top of the crate.  I'm trying to keep it all proto where possible :-) ss24.JPG (174548 bytes)
Here is the NOS coffin assembly ss25.JPG (182798 bytes)
Here are all new popbumper parts.  Notice the skirt color of the proto was blue not the production black.  Also notice that all the switches surrounding the area are installed as per the proto.  I have no idea if these will work yet but I'm going to try. ss26.JPG (192879 bytes)
Here is the under picture in the cabinet.   The NOS arch is covered in paper and plastic in the bottom. ss27.JPG (134072 bytes)
On the table are some of the NOS parts awaiting installation.  The ramp is a production ramp so I will have to change the claws to the glow in the dark white ones.  New plastics, spider and spider motor plus board are sitting ready. ss28.JPG (135522 bytes)
This project is still in progress so thats it for now. August 11th 2002 updated . . .