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Now that the playfield is done its time to put it in a cabinet.  Tracking down a nice SS cabinet preferably new was actually fairly easy thanks to my buddy Duncan Brown ! sspic10.JPG (266919 bytes)
Here is the inside of the blank SS cabinet. sspic9d.JPG (327937 bytes)
Here is the cabinet from the front.  This is not a proto cabinet just a plain old production cabinet.  New coin door and legs are nice.   I need to change the shooter rod. sspic9c.JPG (346084 bytes)
Here is the left side.  This cabinet was used in development of another game which is why the pivot holes have been drilled twice in the game.  There are some minor nicks and flaws in the cabinet but all in all very nice start ! sspic9e.JPG (339770 bytes)
Notice we're still missing a head. sspic9f.JPG (394664 bytes)
I picked up an extra head or two for Scared Stiff and now this one is coming in handy.  However its missing everything ! sspic9a.JPG (225240 bytes)
Here is an extra AFM head I had laying around that I can borrow the board mounting plate, knocker assembly and hinges from. sspic9b.JPG (336589 bytes)
Transferring all these things doesn't take long . . . sspic10b.JPG (163308 bytes)
Here is the right side of the cabinet . . . sspic9g.JPG (320214 bytes)

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