Well with the prototype I got a Pinball Magic game to use as a reference.

pinballmagicrightcab.JPG (550708 bytes)

A very pretty game.  Supposedly this was the last one off the line.

pinballmagicleftcab.JPG (394196 bytes)

The main cabinet looks pretty good.

pinballmagicfrontcab.JPG (170207 bytes)

Its missing the shooter and based on the rust I'd say its been in storage since the day it was made.

pinballmagicrightcabtop.JPG (217763 bytes)pinballmagicleftcabtop.JPG (260982 bytes)

Backbox has the normal its been moved several times dings

pinballmagicbackbox.JPG (530394 bytes)

Looks like with the wires hanging I'm going to have to do some work before I risk powering it up.

pinballmagicplayfield.JPG (799442 bytes)

Dirty from storage and rusty but looks like it has never been played.   The rubbers have rotted off the game.

Needs a good cleaning and shopping for sure.

pinballmagicplayfieldbottom.JPG (1035472 bytes)

Looks like a few things have been borrowed from the game.

pinballmagicbottomdetail.JPG (665788 bytes)

More than a few wires cut.  Naturally It'll need a bunch of stuff.  Timing is always a little off for me (sigh)

pinballmagicinternalcabinet.JPG (354248 bytes)

No transformer and lots of missing wiring.  Might be more work than anticipated to get this running.

pinballmagicinternalcabinet2.JPG (345160 bytes)

pinballmagicinternalcabinet3.JPG (351043 bytes)

As I recall there are wires going to all this stuff here.  I may have some work to do locating that stuff.

pinballmagicupperplayfield.JPG (506571 bytes)

Based on the ramp entrances and ball tracks I'd say this game was never played.  So in theory it should be a stunner when done.  However with all the stuff missing it may be a while to track all the stuff down.