No Good Golphers Slam Ramp assembly.  These get pretty beat up in the game so I looked at the assembly and had it remade.     Email us for ordering or for more info.


ngg1.jpg (179516 bytes) New slam ramps all stainless steel construction.  All welds are sharp and clean.  I still recommend adding some padding of some sort to the bottom to protect your playfield.  I also put some thick mylar on my game where the flap hits to protect the playfield.
ngg2.jpg (169241 bytes) You can see the new one on the left and the original on the right.  I put felt pads on the bottom to protect my playfield.  I decided not to use the screw on the back like the original and had it welded instead.  My original has been epoxied several times.
ngg3.jpg (134354 bytes) Once again the repro is on the left and the original is on the right.  The original shows the ugly weld on top of the post.  We welded ours too but then ground it flat to look perfect.  You can see some residue of the polishing cream on the flap.  These are stunning units of the highest quality and we made sure that the angle of the screw that holds the mech in place is at the right angle.   Buy with confidence !