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 2 Pin connector thru hole mount

 7 Position covered barrier screw terminal block

 10 pin thru hole connector

 4 pin connector thru hole

 Solid State Flasher  FS-126

General Purpose Relay NTE R14-11D10-12   10AMP 12 VDC

Reed Switches  ORD229-3035

 Schurter Fuses type FSF  0034-1526  10Amp

Terminal Block 6 pin thru hole

Terminal strip

Terminal strip (jumper )

Terminal block

AEG  circuit breakers

Vinyl insulated pressure terminal connector 5/16"

Cooper / Bussman C2909-1

Individual ethernet ports MTJ-66901

Right angle Euro Plig Black 5.08mm 039530006

 Card Edge connector / socket 44pos   357-0440520-202

M40x1.5 Straight thru 17-20.5mm  NPB/TPE-V/15mm 25458.6/15

Airtronics Timers Type: TGC3010A1  24VAC 6 AMP

 Terminal ports STL950/17/5.00-H-G

 Terminal Block  STL1550 / 4-3.81-V-G

 Potter Brumfield 4700  27E460

Amtec AM2D-0512SH30Z  1516

LARGE LED numeric displays

Toggle switches 15A 250V  SPST

 USB surface mount connectors  AOUSB-B1HSW6


09 18 126 9622  PCB 2 row

PH1-40-TA thru hole pins

 insulated Ferrules P/N# 1181025

White Plastic stand offs circuit board hole type

Molex 22-15-2106 thru pin connector

RIA ASP0250504

24VAC relays SKMP4C

53415-1 Crimp on Connectors

 696423-4 Crimp on Connector

MV252-5 08-V terminal block 2 pole

 10 Amp circuit breaker

 Molex connector


PCB header 5.08mm PS closed End 15 pole Horizontal 12A-300V


Terminal blocks

833H-1C-5  24V  7A C1747 Relay

Toggle switch



CA7-16E-M40-110E Sprecher Schuh

 AEG E91SULC05 5 Amp

 AEG auxillary Relay SH5.40

Push Button Switch AVW401N-R  IDEC

Lighted Green toggle switch 6A  1855.R53]

Actuators  CIT PART # A51A012VDC1.6


 SSF LXR3816US BD 406 Led indicator with leads

 AV 191003C900 Push Button switch  APEM

 Contra Clip M20x1.5  Straight Thru  NPB/TPE  Cat no.  25408.6/15


09340162601  HAN 16 HVE-STI-S

 ED500V-06P 6 position terminal block

 MTJ 66901 surface mount network connector


MV 252 2 position terminal block

Aluminum standoffs

Clip connectors

 Bliue terminal connector DE6S0N

ABB 1SCA105382R1001 0T63FT3 switch disconnector

Grey PVC pipe compression fittings

Contra Clip Socket wrench 54mm Hex

 60mm Hex, 35mm Hex, 36mm Hex

Terminal Block DT-66-B01W-07 18-8 AWG

2 position terminal block 0395300002


 Dormeyer Product 2537-F-34  240V 60Hz Duty -CD




























































































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