New Electronic Stuff 2

Since I have gotten so much in new stock I'm not posting prices.  If you see something you want E-mail me for a price.  Or make me an offer.

GMS-ODC  84130104

Wire tie downs using a screw.  Several thousand.  Diameter for wires is about size of a pencil

Box of plastic nuts from Schlemmer  7211495

Bag of plastic covers Cabur  DS101GR  DAS/PT/GR

NTE377  T-NPN Si power amp driver

Contra Clip  Orange AWG 20  3116.0

Contra Clip White AWG 18 3117.0

Panduit clip on markers PCA13-1

Molex 3 pin connectors

Toggle Switches

Unknown connector RKC 5/9

Screw type connectors

Unknown Clip

Yellow plastic covers

Molex 4 pin surface mount connector

172336-1  AMP brand 2 pin connector

Indicator light red

Fuse holder 2 block large

AMP Brand 1-480703-0

H84709001 Relay connector



 Connectors screw type

 Terminal blocks 8 pin

Altech Corp HE1WPR/06

Altech Corp HE10WRP/12

AEG ELFA E90S UL-CSA  E92SULD15 687384  2PD15

Relay socket screw type

screw type terminal connector

Panduit P1 Label Cassette



Screw type terminal

Keystone 820 8-104L

Fuse block 3 holder

 Fuse block 3 holder

TE 350689-1 D/C :12385

Small terminal block 6 wire

AEG E90S UL-CSA E93SULC30 687331  3PC30

SAMI BUSSMAN Cover 5N  600V RK, K5, H 35-60

 Terminal Block NB-350-36

Power Transformer 166M18 Hammond Manufacturing


Continental Solid State Relay

TDBL24DL time delay relay

 Connectors 15 pin

25 pin connectors


Wire grill covers for fans

Indicator led/lamps

ABB  1SFA611605R1111

NTE168 Silicon Bridge Rectifier

 LED indicator screen

 Lamp indicator

 Toggle switch

Lovato 8 LM2T B6244 Mushroom head push button

 terminal blocks

Contra Clips

 MISC fuses

 HAN 3A-GG-M20  19200030420 Covers

 Sealing locknut Thomas Betts

 Low profile 4 position screw terminal block

 MISC fuses

 Contra Clip 21759.6 PG21 EMI/RFI Cord Grip


AC current sensor

TE AMP brand 1-480702-0

 Terminal Block 8 connector

 Crimp wedge connector female

 Insulated Ferrules 6-18  11181060  American Electrical

 RH38-U Relay

 LK-C 650-G Coil for LS4K-11K 24Volt

 IDEC part

 Plug in terminal block

 BUSSMAN CH143DI Tripolar industrial modular fuse holder














































































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