Mantis Amusements Miscellaneous Section :

Barrett Demon Crossbow Holder 


So what happens when you design and fabricate stuff, well you find things that are broken that have no replacement part and you make

a replacement part to fix it.

So I have an old Barrett Demon Crossbow with a broken holder and I made a stainless steel replacement.


The plastic original is on the right and the new stainless piece on the left.  I made these different than the original but the height from the bow arm is the same. 

I just wanted to use a more durable material on the new holder.  I made a few of them and I have some extras if you need one.  $ 15.00 each

You will never need another one.  I just put it on my crossbow and it fits and works perfectly.

Email me if you want one.  E-Mail: