Mrs Pac/Midway Cocktail Parts


Cocktail cabinets and parts for Midway Style Vertical Monitor cabinets.   Here is your chance to get a new cocktail and all the metal parts to do it yourself.  Galaga cocktail, Mrs Pac etc . . . your choice  See towards the bottom for the whole kit !  Questions give us a call  630-653-8900


Mrs pac cocktail powder coated control panels.  These are brand new exact duplicates of the midway control panels.  The only difference is the joystick holes are cut for new joysticks not the ones that came with them originally.   These are very very nice !!


Cost :  $ 16.00 each


Three choices : 

1 player Mrs. Pac

2 player Mrs. Pac

Blank panel (roll your own)


Shown here is a REPRO Mrs Pac overlay on our control panel.  Notice the joystick holes on the overlay are for the old style joysticks and our panels are made to line up for newer style joysticks.  Obviously you could drill holes in the panel to use the old style joysticks also.  NOTE :  The overlays are sized and cut as duplicates for the original control panels.  There are no overlays specifically made for our panels !

Mrspacpl2.JPG (22645 bytes)

mrspacblk.JPG (24445 bytes)

mrspacpl1.JPG (20919 bytes)

mrspacsam.JPG (30988 bytes)

Here is the new Cocktail cabinet just add parts and T-molding and your set  $ 250.00


(Note this is a fully assembled cabinet .  Cabinets are shipped flat meaning assembly required.)

cocktailcab1.JPG (149731 bytes)
Here is a top view.  These are exact replicas of the Mrs pac cabinet faithfully reproduced including coin area ! cocktailcab2.JPG (98860 bytes)
Here is the back showing hinge.  This is a hidden hinge running the full length for strength. cocktailcabback.JPG (108227 bytes)
Here is the front looking through the coin door. cocktailcabfront.JPG (102236 bytes)
Here is the cabinet with the hinge in the open position.   Notice woodgrain on both sides cocktailcabopen.JPG (252348 bytes)
Here is the whole kit.  Cabinet shown above and all the parts shown (8 cocktail glass clips . . . only 7 in picture).  All this including cabinet for $ 400.00


Shipping is not included.  Power supplies are $ 5.00 extra


Shown with blank panels


Monitor Brackets sold seperately are $ 65.00 a set

Z-brackets are $ 4.00 each

Clip down brackets are $ 3.00 each

Wood grain cocktail sides are          $ 10.00 each and are cut with a CNC mill. (These are taller then standard because my tables have the control panel about 2 inches lower.  But you can cut the extra off easily and use it for replacement on Midway tables.)

kit.JPG (178317 bytes)
Same kit shown with Mrs Pac control panels.  Same cost. kit2.JPG (174339 bytes)
Mrs Pac glass clips

Cost $ 3.50 each

These are exact replacements powdercoated black

mrspacclips.JPG (25160 bytes)