Monster Bash Pinball Machine Parts:

Drac Trak Support Bracket

dractracsupport2.jpg (118544 bytes)

Monster Bash Scoop  (redesigned)

mbweldment.JPG (66719 bytes)

Adjustment :  the big problem on this game is adjusting the ball coming out so it hits your flipper.  My redesign has 4 slotted attachment points to the playfield allowing a slight adjustment left of right.  The main adjustment is the coil location either further down or up on the scoop itself.  Between both of these you should be able to get the ball to consistantly exit where you want it to.

Monster Bash Protector each

monsterbashfinal.JPG (23861 bytes)

Autofire Bracket 01-14618.1

rfmaotufire1.jpg (134176 bytes)


 Monster Bash right ramp  As shown


The right ramp is the original and the left ramp is my replacement.  Comes as shown!  Part # 04-11172.1