Joystick Conversion Plate

Ever have an older game that has a shot joystick and wanted to replace it with a new joystick but the holes don't line up.  Well here is the inexpensive ideal solution.  A universal joystick mounting plate.


Cost $ 8.00 each

plate on stick base.jpg (125259 bytes) You mount the new joystick on the plate with the holes for the new joystick and then you can mount them in the old control panels
stick base and plate.jpg (129424 bytes) The plate has a slight offset so its perfectly flat against the old control panel
ms pac plate holes.jpg (61979 bytes) See how the holes line up for the old style Mrs Pac Cocktail overlay.
galaga plate holes.jpg (57557 bytes) See how it lines up for the galaga cocktail control panels
plate and cpos.jpg (152732 bytes) This solution is great for cocktail games but works equally well for standup games.  One conversion plate does the trick for all the joysticks