Fequently asked Questions

How come this stuff doesn't have the right part numbers?

Most of this stuff is unused inventory.  Some I dumpster dived.  Some I got from warehouses getting rid of old stock.  So I try to get a good picture and describe it as best I can.


Why is no price listed on the database parts? 

I don't know what the price should be so E-mail me what you are interested in and lets see if we can find a fair price together.


How do I find out a price and pay for something I want?


Let me know what you want via E-mail.  Please include the picture you are looking at (link to picture) and your shipping information.  That way I can quote you a price inluding getting it to you.  I accept PAYPAL, cash or precious metals in exchange.


Can I get a sample to make sure it is the right thing?

Yes but you will have to pay for the sample and shipping.  If it is wrong then return the part and I will refund the sample amount . . .all your out is shipping both ways.

What if something I bought is not working?

I will try to replace it or refund you for the non working part.  If I have no more stock the best I can do is refund for the the non working part.  Most everything I have is new in original shipping wrappers.  I recommend buying extra of what you need since many times I will be out of stock.  Some things I have hundreds of some only a few. Many items I don't even post because I only have a few.  Let me know what you're looking for and I'll check.

Why do I have all this stuff ?

I'm an electrical engineer that likes to play.  So I started asking electronic companies for the inventory they were getting rid of.  It snowballed from there.


E-mail me at :  info@mantisamusements.com






















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