Here it is for the comet ramp on Cyclone :


Cyclone Kit 4 pieces all for the COMET Ramp. 

cyclonekitstart.JPG (77896 bytes)
First install the ramp protectors.  These two protect the entrance to the ramp.  Should the entrance already be destroyed these two protectos will act in place of the ramp.

Installation is easy loosen the front screws and slip the edge of the protector underneath the screw then retighten.  A small piece of 2 sided tape secures the end again the plastic ramp.

cyclonerampboth.JPG (93250 bytes)
As you can see the top of the comet ramp where the ball stops and drops through to the cyclone ramp take a beating.  Both the top and the bottom disintegrate over time.  The bottom piece here matches the ball hole and protects the bottom.  Again two sided tape can easily hold this in place. cyclonecomettop1.JPG (83898 bytes)
Here is the top piece for the comet ramp.  This existing screw hole is already present.  This protector protects the whole end of the ramp as the ball comes to stop.  Between the two protectors it should allow even a broken ramp new life.  All pieces are made of stainless steel and should last forever . . . cyclonecomettop2.JPG (92154 bytes)
The final product installed.  Looks good and does the job ! cycloneoveralltop.JPG (96531 bytes)
Top pic below shows the kit with the protective coatings removed awaiting installation The bottom picture shows the kit installed in the game.   Check it out it looks GOOD !!
cyclone kit.JPG (199486 bytes)
cycloneoverall.JPG (229644 bytes)