Corvette Protector set

Well I recently had a Corvette pinball machine in house and so I looked at making some ramp protectors for it.  Here is why.


On the left ramp the entrances get cracked and tore up.

You can see the cracking around the opto hole.

Both sides have cracking.

On the right ramp the same things are happening.

The cracks propagate up the ramp.

Over time the ramps just start to disintegrate.

Originally the game came with these protectors.

 The original protector is a little short.

Again the original is a little short.

Damage is occuring above the protector.

So I decided to engineer a protector for the right ramp inside (left) side where none existed and re-engineer the other three protectors. 

Here is what I cam up with.

Longer than the original is goes all the way to the gate and helps strengthen the gate also.

Same thing on the right side of the left ramp.

 It looks pretty sharp and could replace the front of the ramp if yours is badly damaged.

On the right ramp the same treatment.

This protector clamps over the edge to hold the top.

Here the longer curve protects the original ramp far higher.


 The end result looks good and should protect the ramps.

 Two for the left ramp and two for the right ramp as shown.

Special thanks to Jason Thompson for his help and pictures.

















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