Well I needed some clean support brackets for some Fish Tales and Whitewater restores.  So I had some made.  Part Number 01-10721 is used in CFTBL, FT, HS2, WW, BR, DW

bracketWPC.jpg (191157 bytes)

Shown here are the 2 new ones on the left with the old zinc plated stuff on the right.  New ones are stainless steel and will clean up perfectly in seconds with scotch brite pads just like the side rails.

bracketwpc2.jpg (220224 bytes)

Same group from another angle.  Exact perfect matches solid stainless steel.  Never have to worry again !


Then I had an AFM that needed Brackets so I made those . . .

WPC - 95 Bracket

Part number 01-11781 is used on AFM, CC, CP, CV, Congo, Corvette, DM, FS, I500, IJ, JB,
JD, JM, JY, MB, MM, NBA, NF, NGG, Popeye, RS, SS, Shadow, ToM, TotAN, WCS,

wpc95bracket.jpg (160167 bytes)

Shown is new one on left and old one on right.  These are stainless and perfect !  

Data East Support Bracket - I always hated how these things pulled off.   So I made new ones with extra holes for holding power.  With 4 screws it should be considerably harder to tear these off.  You may have to adjust where these screw into the playfield to avoid touching electrical connections.

DEsupportbracket.jpg (114500 bytes)

Here is the support in a game.  You can see what it looks like.   This is a very solid upgrade !

DEcompare.jpg (344690 bytes)Cliffy's game

These are very sharp and should look good forever! 

WPC and WPC-95 Playfield holders - There are a few sizes so I made two of the most popular.   I had laser cut same thickness stainless steel made.  These look very sharp !

bracket12.JPG (314232 bytes)

Style 1 shorter of the two

bracket13.JPG (306981 bytes)

Style 2 higher of the two


No more cruddy ones !!  

Playfield lockdown Bar Receiver A-16773-1A and A-16773-1B

receiver1.jpg (153342 bytes)

Shown below is both the A variant with no Spring and the B variant with a Spring.  Both work the same but this way you can match what is in your game!


Newlockdown receivers.JPG (58161 bytes)


Tired of the effort to fix the trashed ones on every game I made some new ones.  With both options you can match what is in your game. 

  Available now in plain steel for those that want to paint theirs.  $ 65.00 for plain steel spring or no spring.

backbars.JPG (80091 bytes)

Back bars or angle ends  (Located at end of playfield underneath.   Please specify bent or straight)   (stainless steel)


Want to replace any of these parts on a bunch of your games.  Bulk discounts can be arranged.

cvplayfieldhooks.JPG (45383 bytes)

These are used in Cirquis Voltaire and on Pinball 2000 games.  Made of stainless steel.

Standoff brackets for the playfield underwire harness in stainless steel.  This adds a nice look to the wiring harness and replaces any missing or bent pieces.

  They are threaded just like the originals.

Switch bracket for ramps.

 Stainless steel and add a nice touch to restorations. 

Special Thanks to Scott Weir for his loan of samples for the last 2 brackets