Ball Guide Kits

Do it Yourself Ball Guides for games missing them or creating your own games.

If you are in pinball long enough it seems you always come across a project game that has wierd things missing.

Like Ball guides.  Well many people have come to me over the years and wanted me to custom make Ball Guides.

So this kit is what I came up with.  This will allow you to replace most of the small ones and I can make large ones to custom size.

Bending and drilling them is up to you.

(DIY) Ball guide kit



Kit includes 12 tabs

1.5 inch piece

4 inch piece

8 inch piece

12 inch piece

15 inch piece


The tabs are L-shaped and allow you to drill the ball guide flat and then rivet the tab to the guide.

The other side is for you to screw into the playfield.  The Ball Guide flats come ready to be bent

or drilled for whatever you need.  High quality bright stainless steel.  The tabs are designed so the

rivet head is below the ball path when used in a standard manner.

Custom sizes up to 33 inches .  Specify size and how many tabs when ordering.


















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